Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lines – Sky and Shad Bay

A stable layer aloft and high altocumulus created gravity wave lines in the sky. The incoming tide and an island well to the left created elongated swirls and deformation zone “calm bands” in Shad Bay. The tides and storm cleaning the rocks on the far shore of Shad Bay created another set of line. The rust colour sea weed clinging to the rocks below this tide line created yet another line. The bands of spruce and deciduous trees on the far shore created a patchwork of lines. The home on the far shore with its paved, black top drive headed down to the ocean’s edge, created unnatural lines. I put them all in. 11x14 inches Water Mixable Oils

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Olivia Beverley

Two week old Olivia seldom opened her eyes at the start of the week. This changed rapidly day by day as she became more in tune with her surroundings. By November 14th, Olivia spent much more time alert! I have a happy face in every sun … and “Olivia” subtlety included in the painting as well.!