Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Loon Lunch"

I roughed out this painting based on a photo by Dave Hotchkiss. It took me a week to complete. The loon has a pretty firm grasp on the small perch. I think we know how this story ended. There are a lot of pan-fish in Singleton Lake. I am still working on this painting trying to make it better. It is a tough call when to stop. 

Christmas Blue Birds and Robins

These insect eaters should have left in the fall, following the insects and the warmer weather. They seem to be thriving and have switched there diet to include seeds. They seem to really like the red cedars and the little seed capsules. The one image clearly shows a male blue bird eating a red cedar seed. The male robin repeatedly shooed the blue birds out of a favourite red cedar. The birds survived the 17 mm of ice that accreted during the ice storm. Meanwhile I went around and cleaned all of the Peterson Blue Bird Houses.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Great Blue Heron - Fixed

My Brother walked into the studio and looked at the latest painting on the easel. "I like it but there is something wrong with the head". I always listen to my Brother so I had a second, third and fourth look at the subtleties. He was right. A micron here and there and I think it is much better now. You can be the judge. There is still some work to do...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Great Blue Reflections

This studio painting is based on a stunning photo by a good friend. We see great blue herons a lot at Singleton Lake and this painting is long overdue. They bring hours of enjoyment as they hunt the shoreline. They are slow to leave in the late fall and not even a full freeze-up of the lake is their clue to depart - they like Singleton so much. This painting is not quite done but you will get the idea. It is fairly large at 20 X 30 (inches). Right now the brush strokes are fairly tight and I need to loosen them up.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

50 Years of Our Flag Update

Brief History: Canada’s own flag was flown for the first time on Parliament Hill in the Nation’s Capital on February 15, 1965. This momentous occasion and the events that led to it have a strong connection and a special meaning for the City of Brockville and its citizens. The individual most responsible for the final design of the flag and the parliamentary proceedings known at the “Great Flag Debate” which resulted in the birth of the Canadian flag was John Ross Matheson, the Member of Parliament for Leeds County at the time.
With the impetus of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Canadian flag approaching in 2015, a group of local citizens have created a project ‘ 50 Years of Our Flag” to raise awareness, commemorate and celebrate this significant milestone in Canadian history and link it forever in the hearts and minds of Canadians with the City of Brockville.

·         Raise awareness of the history and significance of the birth of a Canadian flag
·         Commemorate the individuals who were instrumental in its inception
·         Create legacy projects that will forever link the flag with the City of Brockville
·         Inspire a new generation to take pride in the symbols of Canada

Commemoration Plans:
  • ·         Website
  • ·         John Ross Matheson Way
  • ·         Brockville as the Birthplace of the Canadian Flag
  • ·         Install a 160 foot flagpole, 35x70 foot Canadian Flag and a commemorative plaque at the SmartCentre
  • ·         Original art depicting the beauty and iconic landscapes of Canada with the Canadian flag and the names of the contributors. Produce prints and educational materials to distribute to Canadian schools
  • ·         Fly More Flags both in Brockville and across Canada with support from Home Hardware
  • ·         Corporate Sponsorship of the Commemoration Plans
  • ·         Commemorative Stamp
  • ·         Create a large commemorative event for February 15,2014 and another for  2015 in Brockville

Monday, December 9, 2013

Foot Operated USB Canon Shutter Release

I thought I had it done! Read the Owner's Manual (Something a real guy never does). Bought a simple single pole, single throw switch. Did everything right. Even tested it on the Canon Powershot Pro1 before I soldered all of the connections. The camera clicked when I threw the switch so I thought we were 'good to go'. Wright? Duffice?...  My Canon is apparently one of the few that does not accept the USB, enhanced CHDK software - see". A foot operated shutter release would allow me to stay in the painting zone and keep my palette and brushes in my hands. I even built the switch out of recycled, weather proof plastic. It even looks good - at least to me. I just need to find a new, old Canon camera. This is just a little hurdle and I will still get this fun little project to work.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Singleton on Ice

The weather was amazingly mild with temperatures reaching 10 Celsius under overcast skies with blustery southwesterly winds. The ice on Singleton responded and drifted around. The air was full of the sound of ice edges crunching together. There was not much open water. The mergansers and the few small flocks of blacks and mallards stayed in the small patch of open water in the middle of the lake. Generally the lake was covered with jostling sheets of ice of different ages, thickness and colours. My homemade canvas had a lot of "tooth" which I really enjoyed. The canvas really grabbed the oil.

I did an experiment with another camera set up and focused to take pictures as the painting developed. This is nothing new except that it is a first for me. The act of simply "clicking" the shutter took me out of the artistic zone and I found that a bit (a lot) frustrating. I did some things and took some short cuts that I wouldn't have normally done. I was acutely aware that the camera battery was dying and the the rain showers along the approaching cold front were getting closer as well. I persisted though as I wanted to see how the experiment would turn out. This painting is more about the experiment than the art. I need to automate this entire process somehow. You can be the just whether this is worthwhile or not.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jim Day Reflections

It was a mild day and I had some time to paint after my chores were done. The lone female merganser was still diving around to keep me company. Something quite large startled me with a big splash at the ice's edge. I probably startled it even more. It might have been either the otter or beaver that I had watched earlier in the morning. The blue birds were still hanging around.
I was interested in the gray colours of the sky, distant trees and snow. The warm shades of the exposed marble at the water's edge were the only hints of warmth in this view of my swimming hole. No swimming for me until at least next May! A chilly east breeze developed ahead of an approaching system. My hands got really cold and that hastened my painting along.
Painting Place the end of Long Reach at N44.52226 W76.10405 looking northwesterly across Jim Day Rapids into the frozen eastern bay of Singleton Lake.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Killarney - The Annual Adventure of the Southampton Art School

If anyone would like to participate in the Killarney Paint Escape for October 2014 - The Annual Adventure of the Southampton Art School - please let me or the Southampton Art School know very soon. The Southampton Art School Courses are being planned for 2014. We had a great time in 2013 but the class size could have been larger. The image is from the only cloudy day we enjoyed. You can contact the Southampton Art School from my favourite links. Happy Holidays... now it is time to go outside and paint...

Monday, December 2, 2013

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

Phil the Forecaster Chadwick
From Phil the Forecaster Chadwick
Committee Member and Artist at 50 Years of Our Flag Project
Ontario, Canada


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Phil the Forecaster

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