Friday, March 30, 2018

Artistic Journeys...Enjoy the ride

The artistic journey really needs to be unique on the verge of getting lost. You do not get anywhere new by following someone else. In 2018 it seems like everything has been said and done already. It would seem that creative repetition and artistic journey overlaps are unavoidable. Even though similar brush strokes might have been completed before it is still the first time for me. There are only so many ways that one can dip the hairy end of a brush in the paints and transfer those pigments to a canvas.
As I progressed from photographic realism when I started my trip with Mario Airomi in the late 1960's to what I do today, the inspiration has remained unchanged - the natural world. I do not get the same zing from anything person-made. My style has indeed loosened up but the shapes, colours, values and texture I paint on the canvas can be found in nature if you look hard enough. Those same characteristics can also be found in those early canvases at the start of my journey.

Today Vincent Van Gogh would have become a five score plus senior citizen born 165 years ago in 1853. He started his artistic journey late at the age of 27 or 28. He painted an average of two paintings a week completing almost 900 canvases by the time he died at the age of 37 in 1890. He also left behind 1100 drawings on paper. He never knew how many lives he would touch in a good way.

I try very hard to paint like "me" but for sure there are canvases where our journeys look like they overlapped although I am not Vincent or Tom for that matter. My journey still needs to be unique to me. I may not know where I am going but I am not lost either.

The painting above, #0588 "Downburst" from July 2002 is mid journey for me. It hangs in Vancouver now. My supporter really likes it but also has it on the secondary art market. Some might see some Vincent influence in it.

Happy Birthday Vincent and thank you... from Phil the Forecaster

PS: I needed meteorology to support my artistic life style. There is weather every day... and I am really enjoying the ride!
 For this and more art...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Have Brush Will Travel – But not too far

A plein air artist does not need to go very far within the Frontenac Arch Biosphere (FAB). The beauty of the FAB rivals anything you might find elsewhere in Canada or even the south of France. The Amazing Places of all Biospheres and FAB in particular, remain largely undiscovered but maybe we can change that – just like the Group of Seven immortalized Algonquin. The Group of One will travel with his “Paletten” and paint with you within the Frontenac Arch Biosphere. With the GPS location we will rendez-vous near 9 am and paint all day. If you are visiting away from home, all levels and types of accommodation may be found in the FAB from the resorts of The Opinicon at Chaffey’s Locks and the condos of the 1000 Islands Village east of Brockville to camping at Charleston Lake Provincial Park. Where you stay and eat is your choice although for sure, I can provide recommendations.
$100 per day including HST; Contact:
About this Plein Air Adventure —Meet at an Amazing Place Ready to Paint...
Phil will start each day with a short discussion followed by a demo which will emphasize a particular skill. Special emphasis will be placed on the techniques to compose, sketch and capture the particular plein air scene. The remainder of the morning and afternoon will be spent painting and having fun. 
Phil will give the participants individual attention. Although Phil will be teaching using oils, he is well versed in most mediums. It is not Phil’s intent to change, but rather to encourage a participant's individual style and allow them to soar to the next level or wherever they may want to go. Art should be fun … an adventure in making memories … Come… let’s paint.
Many locations have parking, washroom facilities and maybe even food… but you should bring water, sun screen and snacks. They also offer favourable morning and afternoon vistas so we do not waste any time traveling midday. Plan to start two paintings a day, one with the morning light and one with the afternoon light. There is no need to finish or polish that art… only learn.

The following map suggests three locations to start… 
One Amazing Place – 9 am at the Singleton Studio, 9 Long Reach Lane N44.52250 W76.104444 or with GPS put in 300 Red Horse Lake Road, Lyndhurst, K0E 1N0 … and follow the signs. 
Amazing Place Four - The Opinicon at Chaffeys Locks
Amazing Place Five - 1000 Islands Village eat of Brockville... 

There are thousands of reasons to visit the FAB... and they are not all islands. 

Plein Air Adventures for Artists at FAB Amazing Places
"Bring your art to life...with Colour, Light and Texture"

Phil… artist, canoeist and meteorologist.
Trained at Queen's University as a nuclear physicist, "Phil the Forecaster" has been a professional meteorologist since 1976. An avid canoeist, Phil believes that a fully equipped paradise needs only a quiet back lake, a canoe, art supplies and a fishing rod. As Phil says, "My desire is simply to get better - at art... life and fishing!"
This retreat is self-catered. Participants are to supply their own painting gear and food, suitable for spending a day outside. A suggested materials list is available upon request. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon booking.  
Local flavours and accommodation can meet all of your needs. 
A list of suggested supplies along with directions will be sent out upon sign-up.
Thank you :>))