Friday, August 31, 2012


This is the view from Scubby’s Point looking south across the silty and choppy waters of the mighty Saugeen River. The tugboat “Pride” was our companion and the sixth demo piece for the “Making Waves on Chantry” course. Bold strokes and some colour - fun..

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Southampton Midday CB

I turned my easel to face northward along the Southampton shore. A quasi-stationary front stretching west to east across the tip of the Bruce Peninsula was a focus for several thunderstorms. This particular thunderstorm developed an overshooting top as I painted. It collapsed about an hour later and got lost in the haze over the horizon. The lowering evident in the painting was possibly a shelf cloud from the forward flank rain and downdraft. There was no evidence of any rotation in the lowering or cell although it was a long way to the north and tough to identify even under ideal conditions.
This is the fifth demo piece for the “Making Waves on Chantry” course. The artists were on lunch break and I decided to paint a meteorological lesson and not waste any time. The onshore wind blew some (lots of) sand into the paint. We have an excellent group of 11 participants!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Onshore Breezes

I turned my easel to face southward along the Southampton shore. The cumulus fractus from the land breeze were being shoved onshore by the developing lake breeze. This cloud could transform into cumulus when it starts to rise buoyantly inland. People were just starting to arrive for the day at the beach.
This is the fourth demo piece for the “Making Waves on Chantry” course. I love to paint with bold strokes! I should use more colour though. There was sand on my palette because of the wind. We have an excellent group of 11 participants!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chantry Morning

I set up my easel on the very edge of Lake Huron with the waves lapping at the legs. The off shore land breeze was still blowing and chilly enough to cause people to wear jackets - not me. The gulls kept me company until my participants started to arrive around 8 am. The land breeze cumulus clouds were starting to break up as the winds turned to onshore.
This is the third demo piece for the “Making Waves on Chantry” course. We have an excellent group of 11 participants!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Southampton Lake Breeze CU

I set up my easel on the more stable shore of Chantry Island. Keeping the sun on my back, I painted the Southampton shore line. Cumulus clouds were well established along the lake breeze convergence line. Some thin cirrus completed the sky. Westerly onshore breezes off the cool waters of Lake Huron kept the temperature very comfortable.
This is the second demo piece for the “Making Waves on Chantry” course.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chantry Home

This is the first demo piece for the “Making Waves on Chantry” course. We have an excellent group of 11 participants! I resisted the urge to polish the painting and left it just the way it honestly came off the easel. I painted this from the floating dock. It was like painting from the back of a bucking horse.
This is the view of the Chantry light keeper’s home and imperial tower as it looks in the morning light of late summer. A cold front had passed through the evening before leaving a dry and cooler air mass in its wake. The cumulus clouds were drifting along with the westerly wind and were soon to disappear altogether with continued daytime heating. The cirrus clouds were apparently along the northwesterly jet stream cirrus and lingered a bit longer.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Awenda Inspired - Saturday September 15th - Phil Presents

The Friends of Awenda Park in partnership with OCAD University invite you to a weekend celebration of art and the environment.
Saturday Evening: Guest Speaker: Phil Chadwick, Tom Thomson was a Weatherman, Awenda Amphitheatre- 7:15pm. Meteorologist Phil the Forecaster will place Tom's art into the context it deserves! Phil paints as well...

Making Waves on Chantry Island‏ - Weather Update

The weak cold frontal trough might slip through Southampton Monday morning... there will be weather and a threat of morning showers. After those a weak west to east ridge of high pressure will keep our plein air palettes dry. I am planning to head to Chantry Island and the light as planned on Monday morning. We will be in the clear if the winds are northwesterly at 9 am.
Here is a demo piece from 2011 - it was very windy and sand stuck to the wet paint.
"Deformation Zone Southampton Beach"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Southampton Art School - Classes - Making Waves on Chantry Island

Making Waves on Chantry Island  I realize I am extending my credibility - assuming that a meteorologist has any - with a forecast more than a week into the future. However, I am willing to say that the long ranger looks a bit unsettled for Monday August 20th. A cold front is poised to crawl across Lake Huron later next Monday. Southwesterly breezes will shift to the northwest in the evening. This is great for painting as there will be clouds and we can hope that the showers and probable thunderstorms will hold off until at least 5 pm. We can hope! Of course, any day is great for painting...

Tuesday and Wednesday look great - weather-wise! Here is a sample demo-painting from a previous course.

There is still room for the Killarney: The Annual Adventure  ... this is my favourite week of the year after Christmas of course. Killarney is inspirational. I have also included a sample demo piece from an earlier course...