Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Artistic Journey of Phil the Forecaster Chadwick

Phil's artistic journey started in 1967 at the small cottage just east of the 1000 Islands Village which is home to the River West Company. Now in 2017, Phil and his art has returned home.

 The master artist Mario Airomi lived in that cottage and took Phil under his brush as his protege. Phil would ride his bike along the Old Kings Highway from Brockville for the Saturday lesson. Phil enjoyed a classical training in the arts until Mario passed away in 1976. That was the same year that Phil Graduated from Queens with a degree in nuclear physics. Mario was more than a friend and a teacher providing a start into the world of art.
A 36 year career in meteorology with Environment Canada combined both art and science. Every cloud has a tale to tell just like every stroke of a brush. Phil never stopped painting and works mostly "en plein air" in oils. Being retired he can now paint and paddle all the time.

Phil lives and paints out of passion for the natural world - inspired by nature to see beyond the surface and to share the experience - a vision in pigment and texture. The immediate goal is to extract the maximum amount of inspiration from the moment and have fun doing it while surrounded by and immersed in the natural elements. Somehow the soul of the scene finds its way into the paint and the canvas is an everlasting memory of that moment.

Phil's goal is to make the next painting his new favourite and to improve in capturing the essence of the subject with lots of colour and bold strokes! Art is a way of life and is all about making memories. Much of this art can be viewed on Pixels at
The River West Co is the exclusive provider of Phil's art in the 1000 Islands Village just west of Mario Airomi's Cottage. What goes around... comes around. Life is good!