Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dumoine River Art for Wilderness 2019

Everyone likes an acronym even though sometimes it can be carried away. This one stands for a lot of good things... art, wilderness, camaraderie, creativity, nature and CPAWS too.  Maybe some great food as well. I am taking baked beans this year to fuel the fun. This will be the third year of this plein air event envisioned by my friend Aleta Karstad. It is always a good time.

I concentrate on painting and have completed 67 plein air works there plus two more in the studio since 2017. You can find them all here. I have included #2188 "Dumoine Dances" -  one of the studio pieces.
I plan to swim more this year... maybe paint a bit less :>)
Please support the Canadian wilderness if you are able...