Tuesday, April 5, 2016

959 Jones Creek Morning

From Thursday April 3rd, 2008.
I hiked to the northern section of the Brown's Bay Camp Ground and stood overlooking Jones Creek. There were lots of trees between me and the water but that was the way I wanted it. The geese were honking and I think I heard a single ruffed grouse drumming. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising behind me. The temperature was around zero Celsius but without the wind, it was really quite pleasant.

I had to break through the think crust of snow in order to get a place to stick my brushes. A chocolate and yellow lab came by to check on my painting. The dogs were not critics.



Aleta Karstad said...

This is such a lovely one, Phil - bravo!

The Art of Phil Chadwick said...

Thank you so much Aleta... high praise from you :>)) Winter is on its way back ...