Monday, April 9, 2007

#0879 "The Copse"

Welcome to the Blog of "Phil the Forecaster". This is the first entry but it won't be the last. I want to start off with my latest Plein Air piece. It was a warm day... much warmer than now. I do hope that you enjoy it!

"The Copse"
It was warm at 18 Celsius and I had to paint in the shade. The blue bird sky was absolutely clear. I can’t take the sun anymore so I set up in the shade. I almost never paint looking into the sun but I placed a large tree between the sun and I so it still worked.
This is one of my favourite places to paint. The copse of trees, shadows and fallen fence line create lines that I enjoy. The copse was composed of basswood and maple trees all intertwined on the slope of the hill. Jazzmin loved this place as well. I spoke to her when I finished painting – it was a simple, spontaneous reflex. The title for this painting is in her honour.
The weather turned dramatically as I finished stroking. A cold north wind blew in with overcast skies. I finished just in time!
Oils on yellow Ochre acrylic foundation on commercial canvas - 11 x 14 (inches) Started around 5 pm on Tuesday March 27, 2007

Phil the Forecaster

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