Thursday, September 17, 2009

Painting the Forest for the Trees

This is a decorative piece in which I wanted to have fun with positive and negative shapes without getting into the details of leaves and twigs and the tiny bugs on those twigs. The feeling of the forest can be captured without laying in all of the deadening details. At the same time, the character of the trees within the forest can be captured without including each tree. The saying goes that often, one cannot see the forest for the trees. I see the trees but wanted to paint the forest in a decorative way. My hope is that anyone seeing this will subconsciously appreciate the beauty in the individual trees that make up the forest. Moreover, I want them to come away appreciating the simplified overall beauty of the forest which is a complete and healthy ecosystem composed of trees that man should not mess with.
I still paint what I see but it is getting easier as I need glasses more often. I just wanted to have some fun!

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