Thursday, April 7, 2011

Leave It For Beaver!

The beavers gnaw on hardwoods to wear down their incisors. The tree in the foreground has been the target for several years but was still surviving in spite of the attack. My brother Jim and many others have a hate on for the beaver and their damage to forests. I try to see the bigger environmental picture. There is some good that comes from the beaver dam building and tree cutting along the water's edge. It is also quite futile to battle Mother Nature so I prefer to tolerate these tree attacks and "leave if for the beaver". This is also a take off on the title of the favourite TV show of the 1950's that Jim and I loved to watch. He thought I was the "beave".

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J & B said...

hi Phil
You are missed in King Township!
Glad to see you painting and posting again.
John Bradbury