Friday, September 16, 2011

Rockport IPAP Paint Out - A Wonderful Three Days of Creativity

Twenty artists painted and ate for three days amoung the Thousand Islands at Rockport, Ontario. It was a wonderful time with close to 100 works of art completed. I managed seven... and I will show a couple of them here.
"999 2 Go"
This is Fancy Rock Island from the dock of Pine Island looking east at 9:30 am on Friday September 9th, 2011. Having painted one island of a 1000 explains the mathematical title.
"Zavicon Island"
painted from a small patch of grass on the south slope of Pine Island looking south at around 2 pm.
"Ishpeming "
The tugboat is a bit dented but has a lot of proud character. An internet search revealed that the name Ishpeming comes from the Anishinaabe language ishpiming, meaning "on top" or "from above" or "upon high." Ishpeming, in the Ojibwa dialect of the Anishinaabe language, also means "Heaven".


Bruce Sherman said...

Hey there Phil!... What a great weekend of painting it was... and such a special time to be painting..."side-by-each" once again!

I look forward to many more opportunities to do this... the Painting Gods in Rockport have "spoken"...positively!

I'll be in touch! Thanks for the great weekend!

Warmest regards to "You" and Linda!

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Looks like a painters paradise Phil. Beautiful work, my fav is the top one, love those pines!!