Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jim Day Reflections

An approaching winter storm had generated overcast altostratus skies and a raw easterly inflow to the low. The associated leading edge of the warm conveyor belt (the deformation zone) was already east of Singleton. I tried to paint in a sheltered location out of the wind - overlooking Jim Day Rapids. It was not the temperature of minus 2 Celsius but the wind that made the difference in comfort level. My hands got really cold so I reverted to gloves to finish the painting. The oils were also getting surprisingly thick and pasty. The thicker texture is part of the joy of plein air painting.
I love the reflections in the dark water and the way the ground water ice has formed from the cracks in the Canadian shield. It is paradise indeed - albeit a bit chilly at the moment. A pair of bald eagles kept an eye on my progress - at least at the start. The eagles left for the other edge of the property and more suitable game to hunt.

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