Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monarch of the Forest

This is a giant, multi-stem sugar maple tree on the top of Foley Mountain. My Brother Jim owns about 400 acres of prime Canadian shield and he looks after the trees and creatures contained therein... The large sugar maple is one of those creatures. He has transplanted some of the genetic offspring of this tree to around his home... hoping they would do as well as the monarch. I felt that this deserved a portrait for lots of environmental reasons. Some of the branches twist back and forth like gray rat snakes. I am not done the painting but am concerned about killing it with a thousand strokes of the brush... one has to know when to stop...

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Eric said...

Hi Mr Chadwick

Lovely stuff! Lovely! Your work inspires me to keep hard at it.

My name is Eric M'Connachie & i am lifelong friend of Lawrence Nickle, the painter. Actually, he is more like a father and mentor to me. He and my father were very very close for many years. My father in fact was the person who was invaluable helping him build the houses out on Doe Lake Road, which Roberta Haviland now owns.
He speaks very highly of you, and has asked me to ask you if you'd care to get together sometime? He says you used to show up in spring as the ice was going out. It went out extremely early this year, and as a painter myself, i did manage to get a couple of sketches in before it was gone (all too quickly if you ask me).
Anyway.Between you and me, he is talking about how he is not too fond of having to get through another winter.
However, he still paints every day, and is planning to make some more short painting excursions this spring and summer, on which i hope to accompany him. He'd love to have you with us as well.

If you're interested, email me at and we can arrange phone contacts & whatnot.

Cheers. And thanks,