Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Step Away from the Easel

When is a painting done? You can stroke a painting to death with kindness and striving to make it better. Am I done? Ragged Falls has given me four paintings... Tom Thomson likely fished the pool at the bottom of this falls although I do not have the photo or evidence to prove it like I do for the bottom of Tea Lake Dam. I used a bit of cobalt blue to paint Tom's canoe into the top of Ragged Falls - the same colour Tom used to mix the proper colour for his canoe. Tom's dove gray canoe wasn't really in the scene but it likely was at one time and should have been. In any event, it is Artistic Licence and I have the "piece of paper" to allow me to do it. I wonder if I had turned around really fast, whether I might have caught a glimpse of Tom flicking a spinner bait into the deeper eddies of the pool.
Maybe a few more strokes... but not many!

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Aleta Karstad said...

I love this painting, Phil! I like the progression of distances - and the water really moves! Nice abstract shapes.