Saturday, October 6, 2012

Morning Showers

The morning clouds turned into showers. The cloud patterns are actually quite revealing. A strong southwesterly wind aloft created the banding in the stable layer which I interpreted as the top of the planetary boundary layer. The bands are arched (like a deformation zone from which I can apply the conceptual model I invented) which supported the convection which I witnessed to the west. The clouds were changing quickly but I managed to stay true to the meteorology. A shaft of blue sky opened up between the convection on the western horizon. This convection eventually moved through and pushed me inside. The minimal shelf cloud in the third image below is the visual clue to a stronger shower to the west. I got a bit wet but the painting was pretty much done anyway. I shouldn't overwork the spontaneity of the brush strokes in the clouds. We wouldn't want to turn them into boulders in the sky ... Oils on ultramarine blue tinted oil tinted foundation on commercial canvas - 11 X 14

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