Thursday, December 20, 2012

Singleton Marble

The Frontenac Axis connects the northern Canadian Shield with the Adirondack region. It is an important biological corridor linking Adirondack Park with Algonquin Park. Singleton Lake is right in the middle of all of the action. We try to preserve this natural corridor the best we can within our little corner of paradise. The marble ridges run northeast to southwest. Sedimentary limestone rock is transformed into marble by a lot of heat and/or pressure. The marble of the Frontenac Axis is commonly mistaken for granite. The entire region has been taken for granted... The rock forming the shores of Singleton Lake is about 1.2 billion years old. At one time there was a lot of water and currents flowing around these marble ridges. The water level still fluctuates a lot as revealed by the etchings on the rock. Currently the water is the lowest that I have seen it. The altocumulus gravity waves reflected in the water were an indicator of a low pressure area and warm front on the way.

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