Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spacemen from Mars?

Rumours that I have been abducted by aliens are greatly exaggerated. I have been to Mars and back but it was of my own free will. I have been very busy painting on the "50 Years of Our Flag" project. It is an exciting project and I am giving it all of my effort painting in the studio for very long but fun days. John Ross Matheson has approved the design and all I have to do is put it on a 4x6 foot canvas - way bigger than my easel can hold. The art is a small part of the bigger project. A coming website will reveal all. The image shows my attempts to be a laser printer in oil paint... I am a better weatherman than machine... The "Flag Committee" guided by John Ross Matheson accomplished the impossible back in 1965 with a unanimous vote... It is important to recognize these kinds of achievements!

When the weather warms I will steal some time to paint outside the studio. Thank you for your patience!

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