Monday, March 18, 2013

New Post Is Old... But I have Been Busy!

It is important to keep any Blog current... fresh... it has been five days and that is more than long enough for fish on the counter to start to stink. But I have been very busy. I have been "Phil the Laser Printer" working on the 50 Years of Our Flag painting. It is not easy work! The font colour is strong and swamps the lighter background if even a single brush hair flicks out of line. How often do you think that might happen? When painting en plein air an unruly brush hair can be a good thing! On the important text of the 50 Years of Our Flag painting a brush hair can be a real disaster.

Getting the text right on this 4x6 foot canvas will be a prolonged 8 phase process. Each phase will use either the strong cadmium red or the weak cerulean blue and will work the edges of the text back and forth until they are as close as I can get to perfect - which certainly won't be perfect at all. With each phase the paint on the canvas will get thicker and I have to remember to paint thick on thin.... The text is a very important part of this project so it deserves the best that I can do.

Here is John Ross Matheson signing the draft of the 50 Years of our Flag Artwork... the text is very important to John and thus it is very important to me and the rest of the committee! As I was taking the attached video of John with my Friend and Chair of the 50 Years of Our Flag Committee Bob Harper, it struck me that we were recording history...

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