Monday, June 8, 2015

1599 Westport Boathouse

This was the second day of the First Westport Plein Air Painting Festival. Started 8:30 am Friday June 5th, 2015. Standing on the western edge of Saw Dust Island at N44.67852 W76.39347.
Apparently the dentist who owns this boat house, spent his honeymoon there in the loft. I think it would be better than an all inclusive resort in Jamaica or somewhere else where the water is green. There were a ton of different shades of green in this scene and I was faithful to them all. The water and colours were dancing with the fresh breeze. It was fun.
Actually the island does not seem to have an official name - and I asked. Everyone did want to tell me the story behind the island and the saw mill that was located at the exit of Westport Pond. Apparently the island is composed entirely of "saw dust". Rocks have been brought in to reinforce the shoreline but erosion was still evident. One person told me how the ice rolled up on the rocks like sheets of thick glass rolling over ball bearings.
Another told me how the concrete bridge came in one piece and was hoisted by a too small crane that tipped over under the weight.  Five (?) barrels filled with concrete were used to support the "Saw Dust Island" end of the concrete span.
I am always eager to learn about the places I paint. I am sure I am missing some important and interesting facts so should you have any, please share them. The island was actually a terrific place and I observed people strolling, eating ice cream and having picnics. Perhaps "Saw Dust Island" could be called something like "Picnic Island"?
This particular painting is the one that the judges liked the best. It is an honour to have others appreciate one's art.

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