Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tom Thomson in Parry Sound

The Museum on the Hill, in Parry Sound is presenting an evening with Phil the Forecaster. Phil will present "Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman" on Sunday October 4th  from 7-9 pm. The presentation is an unique and innovative look at Tom Thomson's artwork and an eye opening presentation about the awesome weather patterns that still surround us. There is a fair bit of humour as well as science and art ... hopefully a lot of fun too.


Donald Clement said...

I was initially unsure of exactly what to expect from this type of presentation. Having never had the opportunity to seriously study 'art', but having always enjoyed the work of the 'Group of Seven' and Tom Thomson in particular. Five minutes into the presentation, it became evident that 'Phil the Forecaster' had analyzed Thomson's 'skyscapes' with such great detail and described what Tom Thomson had seen and illustrated in his work. Phil Chadwick's PowerPoint presentation presented a very convincing argument that the artist Tom Thomson was in fact a 'weatherman'. I'll never look at another landscape painting again in the same manner. I'll be looking at the 'skyscape' to see what's happening with regards to the atmospheric conditions at the time the art was created.
I also took the opportunity to purchase the reference book 'Weather of Ontario' that Mr. Chadwick co-authored.

Phil Chadwick said...

Your kind comments Donald make it all very worthwhile. It was a lot of fun for me especially when I realized that you and the others were quite engaged with the topic. There was more to talk about but 2.5 hours is long enough :>)) Thank you for participating on a Sunday evening!

Phil Chadwick said...
Here is the link I mentioned when talking about Tom's Aurora Borealis painting. It is very informative.... and fun!

Beverly said...

thanks Phil, I have been looking at the sky with new eyes
since last Sunday!
you explained science at a level i could understand,
and helped me appreciate nature all the more.
Tom was seriously tuned into the weather! you have convinced me!