Friday, October 23, 2015

1667 Pine Curtain

I had the opportunity to paint Limberlost in early October. The colours were just turning but still inspiring. Here are the efforts from that paint-out.


Claire Franceschetti said...

I just love the movement and life in your paintings Phil. I also really like your bold strokes and confident colour choices. Big fan. Will keep my eye out for more of your work!

Phil Chadwick said...

Thank you so much Claire. Art should be fun and full of life :>)) Keep painting!

Sander Peeters said...

Dear Mr. Chadwick,
Do you also sell your beautiful paintings?
And so, where van I look/ found thema?
Best regards,
Sander Peeters from the Netherlands

Sander Peeters said...

Dear Phil,
Is it possible tot buy one?
Do you have an Exposition site?
Best regards,
Sander Peeters, I love tour style

Phil Chadwick said...

Thank you Sander :>))