Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1042 February Ice

The ice was not safe. It was snow covered and even subtle currents in the “Back Pond” would be enough to make swimming holes. I didn’t venture out as I had forgotten my bathing suit which is what I would have needed. The muskrat “push-up” was a fair size indicating that the muskrats had been anticipating a long and cold winter. They were partly right although Thursday was mild with light southerly wind and temperatures to plus 7 Celsius. It was a pleasant day although the overcast altostratus blocked most of the heat from the sun. Another winter storm was on the way as well as a return to winter and blustery northwesterly winds in its wake. Until then, it was a nice day to be outside and bare handed, painting.

This view is looking northwesterly across the Back Pond at the Broome-Runciman Dam. The parking lot was littered with refuse  - too bad! I picked up most of it...


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