Wednesday, June 15, 2016

1761 Long Outlet

I didn't even notice that I had left my glasses at home... until after I had gotten home after completing two paintings en plein air. That is the way it should be but I normally have my glasses with me just in case.

There was still a trickle of water flowing over the beaver dam that I painted at the same location in #1751 "Dam Beavers". The spring flood was over at the outlet of Long Lake. The grasses had also grown a bit in the twenty-three days since I was there last.

Those are painted turtles on the log. It is neither feasible or appropriate that one includes small detail in a plein air painting - detail smaller than the mid to large brush that you should be using. The best that one can do is a stab of the right colour in the right place and hope that the viewer can fill in the blanks and the correct interpretation. If you look closely you can even imagine that I painted the eye of the turtle.

I accidentally disturbed a rather large northern water snake twice. It just wanted a place in the sun as well. I meant no harm but it was still very frightened of me.

I picked up 80 cents in beer bottles plus a lot of rubbish... Who says there is no money in art?

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