Sunday, July 19, 2009

Range Light Mourning

A long north to south cold front was crossing Lake Huron during the early afternoon hours. The cirrostratus had already cover the sky in a thin veil. Thicker. lower and more opague wisps of cirrus were now spreading westward in advance of the cold front. This was followed by even lower altocumulus clouds that had edges that were more oriented form the southwest to the northeast. This mid level moisture was thickening into altostratus on the western horizon. Rain was definitely on the way but we had plenty of time to finish this third demonstration piece for the "Wind, Waves and Weather" plein air course.
I left a fisherman in the painting but I let him catch a fish and that is the splash in the water to the left of the range light. The fishing wasn't really that good. The calm water arching up and to the left is the wake of a small motor boat that is out of the painting and on its way to Chantry Island.


Anonymous said...

I like this one!!

Anonymous said...

This one should be for me :)

Aleta Karstad said...

I like this one too! The crossing of directions in the clouds is fascinating!