Friday, July 17, 2009

Waving to Chantry

The goal behind this demonstration piece was to illustrate how to observe and paint the elements of something that is in constant motion. Waves and clouds are good examples of such moving targets. The swells were still rolling in from Lake Huron as a result of the northwesterly winds from Monday and overnight. The wave action was swell (so to speak). There were no clouds.
I also emphasized the observation of colours and how these colours change with lighting and wetness. Sand is a great example of this.
The composition of this piece is designed to guide the eye along the wet sand to the remains of Chantry’s “Short Dock” and on that subtle line to the even more subtle but colourful sailboat. The sailboat is headed past Chantry Light and the secondary but more obvious point of interest.

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Aleta Karstad said...

I sure wish I'd been there for that demonstration! You have been very successful in painting constant motion here - identifying all the shapes that are only there momentarily, something I've always had to struggle with.