Friday, March 26, 2010

Path Behind Mowat Lodge

This is a classic Tom Thomson composition but I picked it for its climate change message. Plus this was one of Tom's favourites as he even took time to sign it.
In a warmer atmosphere, snow will become less frequent with more of the precipitation arriving as rain. With less snow and warmer temperatures, the snow pack will melt sooner with the run-off getting to the rivers long before the growing season starts. The springs will be warmer and drier. Spring time drought will impact on planting success although tractors will be able to get on the fields sooner without sinking up to their axles. The old adage of never going out on the fields in a month containing an "a" will have to be rewritten.
The forest fire threat will begin sooner and fires are more apt to become severe with more disease and insect infected trees along with abundant forest floor fuels. This path behind Mowat lodge would look like this on the snowiest day of the winter - never in spring ever again.

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