Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Pro Rogue

It was my first chance to paint in a couple of months. In a way, my art had be prorogued by lots of things - mostly work. It was a beautiful March day and I could wait no longer. The sun was melting the snow cover and that in turn was flushing as fast as possible down Lyn Falls. The spring and snow itself had been prorogued by the cold weather of February. Everything was on hold pending the arrival of some sunny days and temperatures soaring above normal. The temperature climbed to plus 4 Celsius while I painted. This allowed the spring fever to start and also to covert the snow into its liquid form so that it could rush to the sea. In many ways the day was a rejuvenation of my art, the spring and the snow.
I didn't worry about details and tried to let the background roar of the cataract find its way on to the canvas. Mainly, I wanted to have fun and bask in the sun s it climbed above the tree tops.
The word "prorogue" has been added to the Canadian vocabulary through the dysfunctional political system. I decided to use it in a positive fashion.

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Aleta Karstad said...

I drove past Lyn Road on my way home around noon on Sunday, and thought about the Falls - I was really tempted to check it out - I peered as far down the creek as I could see from the bridge - looks like the ice is melting. But I didn't go in because I wasn't dressed for it. Perhaps you were there painting!