Thursday, April 10, 2014

Singleton Cold Front

I was headed back to the studio carrying #1414 "Rapid Water" when I had a good look at the sky. I had to paint it. I was tired and it was "happy hour" but the clouds were too inviting. I didn't have much time before the sun would be hidden behind the clouds so I quickly grabbed another small canvas. Maybe the secret to art is to not worry. Paint for yourself - something I try to do anyway but it is nice when others like your work. Do not overwork the brush strokes. Take a jab at the canvas with the right colour and leave it there. Get the shapes and colour right and leave it. Do not try to chase the light - it changes every few seconds anyway. These clouds are back lit and there were also some crepuscular rays that came and went. I put a few of them in. That is old ice in the western basin of Singleton Lake - I matched the colour really well but it may not be obvious what the surface was.
There is definitely rain on the way but the painting was done like dinner before it came close. I had fun!

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