Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No new posts... Abducted by Aliens?

Spring has been very busy but not with art.
One of my many tragic flaws is that things like "art" come after all the chores are done. I need peace in the kingdom to paint. My wife calls this "food-shelter and clothing" and doesn't think my tragic flaw is nearly strong enough. However I have been fixing the plumbing, doing drywall and wall painting. Trimming trees and cutting grass is also in the list now. We also had family and guests here for two and a half weeks and that time was very well spent taking walks and playing... four grand children keep life very interesting!
If that wasn't enough I have also been doing weather and climate change presentations. I have a major week-long meteorological training session coming up as well.
When those are done, I plan to paint up a storm. I hope the time away from the brushes might inspire some successful paintings when I get back to the easel.
Here is an image of a six and a half gray rat snake that lives nearby and shares the property. I used a tape measure to get my measurement  exact. I think I have seen this snake before - we are friends :>))

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