Monday, June 9, 2014

Turtle Update 2014

Turtle nesting is a busy time. In my daily journeys I try to watch just where these Ninja Turtles lay their precious eggs. They may seem slow but they are tricky and easily outsmart me!. An unprotected nest is a raccoon snack and the nest is lost. Six of the eight Ontario turtle species are at risk.
This morning there were about six large northern map turtles hunting for just the right spot to lay. I was able to locate and protect three of these. One nest took me three attempts to locate which is why I take pictures of them as they are nest building. The turtles start with their front legs and finish the hole with their back legs. They hide them well but the sharp nose of the raccoon are able to locate them. A raccoon could easily flip the protector but they avoid them. I weigh some of these down with bricks.
Turtles live 70 years or more and maybe only one of 1500 eggs make it to adulthood. They are worth protecting!

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