Friday, June 27, 2014

Welcome AES/MSC/EC Retirees!

I was waiting for you ...or at least hoping that you might come. I see that our mutual friend and tireless worker has included a link to my Blog. I post things of interest to me in this Blog. Lately I have been looking after the turtles and tree frogs. All Ontario turtles are struggling except for maybe the painted turtle.

I also post my paintings here even before I sign them in the studio. The link to my complete art site is but it links from my Blog and to other sites as well including Picassa. I am waiting to buy a better camera in order to take quality pics of my last 100 paintings or so. I am up to 1500 works which leads us to Bob's question "Makes us wonder how they had time for their meteorological duties ...... but let's not dwell on that!"

Very funny Bob! Being retired, I can now reveal my secrets.
  • Do the science to the best of your ability and learn something every day from the real atmosphere. 
  • Stay operational on 12 hour shifts. A day job means commuting in heavy traffic and working long hours at home on agendas that are outside your control anyway.
  • Accept all overtime - those will likely be the big storms anyway and the best opportunities to learn and to help those who need the most accurate forecast that you can provide.
  • Take your overtime as time off - up to whatever is allowed. No one has figured out how to tax "time-off" yet.
  • Enjoy the science and merge your day job with your passion. Art and science are really one in the same and it is good to be passionate about both.
  • Take every day as a "present" and vow to play with your family and your art.
  • Don't watch TV or organized sports unless your kids are involved. 
  • Remember, you gotta laugh!
I may be quasi-retired but I still teach the human approach to prediction based on remote sensing, pattern recognition and situational awareness - things that NWP is still working on but that humans mastered when we crawled out of the cave along, long time ago - seems like only yesterday though!
One of my very first charcoal drawing completed with Mario Airomi ... I was ten or so. 

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