Monday, February 16, 2015

622 April Storm Watch

This is another in the series of April precipitation. A Winter Storm Watch had been issued overnight for a snowfall beginning during the afternoon hours. The family Chesapeake and I headed out to the neighbour's fence line and I parked myself on the top of the hill in the lee of the pine forest. The northeasterly inflow to the low was really quite strong and the wind in the cold conveyor belt was really moving the clouds along. My easel was in danger of being blown over more than once. I weighted everything down with my camera case and even that wasn't enough.

I focused on the sky leaving only the bottom slice of the canvas for the horizon and the distant Niagara Escarpment. The overrunning altostratus cloud was thickening up into nimbostratus and there was increasing amounts of snow virga during the three hours I spent on the hillside. I was true to the colours. By noon, thge Chesy and I were pretty much frozen with the wind chill. The temperature was hovering around minus 4 Celsius. Of course the wind chill made it feel colder.

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