Friday, February 13, 2015

963 Spring at Chimney Island

Singleton Philly's Forecast Painting for six weeks from Ground Hog Day...
This view is looking southeast across the St Lawrence River. I was attracted by the lines of turbulent stratocumulus that were following the northeasterly flow up the St Lawrence. It was windy enough that I had to stake my easel down to prevent it from blowing into me while I painted. The temperature had climbed to around plus 10 Celsius so I was no longer chilled. There was still a bit of snow on the north face of Chimney Island.

Small flocks of bufflehead and ring necked ducks where courting in the shallows between the mainland and the island. An osprey also flew overhead while I painted. It had something in its talons but I couldn't tell just what. There is a small mouth bass in this painting if anyone can find it! People should look at clouds and see shapes rather than just physics and clouds. There is also a great white shark but you have to look upside down to see it. I also moved Singer Castle and its red roofs eastward so that it would fit on my 14x18 canvas. I really like this painting. It was a wonderful day.

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