Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1144 Racing the Rain

This is the eighth and last painting of my spring 2011 break-out paint-out with Lawrence Nickle.
Lawrence wasn't feeling well so I left right after a small breakfast and decided to paint before I had to rendezvous with Linda. I decided to paint from the dead-end scenic road south of Burk's Falls. It was a race with the weather. The cirrostratus had thickened overnight and bands of altostratus were streaking across the southern horizon with the warm conveyor belt of the spring storm. These same winds produced gravity waves in the cloud above the warm frontal surface. At ground level, I had a raw, damp easterly cold conveyor belt wind chilling me and my hands to the bone. The temperature might have been plus 6 Celsius but it felt much colder. Meteorologists call that "wind chill" while artists say it is just plain chilly. The painting was a bit of a race against the weather. I had to get it done before the altostratus switched to nimbostratus and rain. I made it with 5 minutes to spare.

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