Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1699 Cirrious Skies

From December 2015 - With a simple change of one letter the title can be changes to a misspelled "Currious Skies" which alters the meaning... in a meaningful way. The curious looking sky could have been serious. It certainly foretold a change from the past several days of summer-like weather in December.

Cirrostratus was invading the sky from the southwest heralding a low pressure area. A system was approaching with weather. The clouds were really racing along especially for high level, ice crystal cirrus. The lines and gravity waves shifted continually before my eyes as I painted. This told me that the physical and meteorological processes creating the clouds were also very dynamic. Deformation processes were certainly at play along with the gravity wave ups and downs along the stable layer at the bottom of the warm conveyor belt. A diagnosis of the accompanying satellite imagery confirms the meteorology of the situation.


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