Monday, November 26, 2012

1965-2015 Canada Celebrates 50 Years of Our Flag

I have been truly honoured with the commission to produce a 4x6 foot canvas to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Our Canadian Flag. There will be a minimum of 7500 prints reproduced, signed and numbered by me - wow. The talented organizers of the "Flag Project" really think big! I will leave it for them to identify themselves in the coming days and weeks. Corporate sponsors are being contacted as well. Brockville may become identified as the birthplace of the Canadian Flag - and rightfully so. John Matheson is well known to be the architect behind the successful committee that unanimously selected the design of the flag. Imagine what a challenge that would have been! I have met with John who has thrown his whole support behind the project. An official Flag Project Website will be launched soon.
John with his copy of my art book.
John with his Order of Canada holding his own book "Canada's Flag"

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zz said...

Congratulations! This is wonderful Phil. I'm so happy. You will be great at this.