Friday, November 30, 2012

November Cumuli

There were more than one cumulus clouds in the western sky and this explains the title for this skyscape. As I painted some became vigourous enough to produce snow flurries. As the air mass became more unstable the winds aloft were brought to the surface and once again my hands got very cold. The wind also rippled the surface which was perfectly calm when I started. It was cloudy by the time I finished.


Catherine Meyers said...

Phil your painting is so refreshing and inspiring. You really capture the essence of plein air! I'm sure many have commented and compared you to the Group of Seven. Me I am a huge Tom Thompson fan.

Phil the Forecaster said...

Thank you Cahterine! Actually I don't get that many comments so it very kind to hear yours. I am a fan of Tom Thomson and the Group as well. They paited the only way you can outside in Canada. I am finally getting time to paint