Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1965-2015 Canada Celebrates 50 Years of Our Flag

The 50 Years of Our Flag Project is occupying a lot of effort. The blocking out and "behind the scenes" effort to make sure that everything fits is quite a task. The plein air beakons me but on these cold days it is equally fine to paint in the studio with the wood stove.

 I will post intermediate steps on the 50 Years of Our Flag Project as I go along - without revealing the entire painting. At the moment I have been blocking out the names in oil which is challenging to do with strong colours. The problem with lettering in oil is that I am not a laser printer. The beauty of lettering in oil is that I am not a laser printer. I will continue to do my best!
One name in particular is Edward M. Chadwick who was the first in 1896 to conclude that "it would certainly seem that the Maple Leaf ... is pre-eminently the proper badge to appear on our flag." (Chapter V of Alistair B. Fraser's "The Flag of Canada".) Edward was apparently instrumental in placing the Maple Leaf on the badges and crests of the Canadian military in time for the First World War.  Back then there were other symbols that kept being mentioned including the beaver...
The other committee members of the 50 Years of Our Flag Project wondered if I was related. I said that I sincerely doubted it - the family name was just a coincidence. Bob Harper, the enthusiastic Chair of the Committee did some investigation and here is what he found...
"Alexander Chadwick was the 3rd son of John Craven Chadwick. He was born in York on Dec 12 1869. He is the father of John Lawrence Chadwick (my Grandfather) who was born March 01 1891... which I believe is your great grandfather, which would make you a great, great, nephew of Edward M. Chadwick who was the first son of John Craven Chadwick."
In other words my great great grandfather was John Craven Chadwick who was the younger brother of Edward M. Chadwick. It is a small world indeed!

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