Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do You Have CCD?

Another true story... My good friend, the really great artist I mentioned in the previous Blog, thinks he has a disease. Every day he feels compelled to forage out into nature to create another plein air painting ... to add to his inventory of hundreds of similar plein air paintings. He feels it must be a MHA (Mental Health Act) disease. Why would a sane person persist in doing something that apparently no one wants?
This is a terrific artist we are talking about. Why does his art stack up in orange crates in his front parlour? Anyone with any understanding of his art would snatch up these little masterpieces to hang proudly on their walls. Is it lack of exposure? Lack of art understanding? Are artists like my friend too prolific for the limited artist appreciation and even more limited demand?
He doesn't bother to try to answer these questions. He paints every day. He is happy. So am I. What's wrong with this? No harm is being done ... is there? We might be featured on an upcoming episode of "Hoarders". I might need to build a bigger garage. My wife might rent a dumpster.
The disease must be contagious. Maybe the next plein air piece will be "The Masterpiece" ... maybe... It is worth a try.  If we give a disease a name that is half way to finding a cure. Let's call it "CCD" - Chronic Creative Disorder... that works for me.


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Aleta Karstad said...

I love your musings, Phil! This one is a doozer! It's scarey to think that perhaps there really are no art buyers out there, eager to collect plein air sketches from soon-to-be-famous artists! This one is great - you didn't tell us anything about where it was done. Is it recent, or just a great illustration for the essay?