Tuesday, February 12, 2013

50 Years of Our Flag

I continue to paint away on the 3456 square inches of the Canadian Flag Project. It is not work when one loves what you are doing. The subject matter aside from the "laser lettering" are all favourite paintings that bring back memories. Most were plein air pieces whose strength relied on the boldness and colour of the stroke. I don't want to loose that! Not one square inch is finished yet although I am getting closer to covering the 4x6 foot canvas.
I am having some fun thinking up inventive ways to blend the images together. In the attached image of one small corner of the painting, I use birch trees to transform a forest into sky... I am not done but I think it will work!


Aleta Karstad said...

That's very exciting, Phil - like making a medley in music - finding just the place to make the transition. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks so much for sharing!

wendyytb said...

What a grand project...and what an honor! I am really looking forward to watching your progress!