Thursday, December 12, 2013

50 Years of Our Flag Update

Brief History: Canada’s own flag was flown for the first time on Parliament Hill in the Nation’s Capital on February 15, 1965. This momentous occasion and the events that led to it have a strong connection and a special meaning for the City of Brockville and its citizens. The individual most responsible for the final design of the flag and the parliamentary proceedings known at the “Great Flag Debate” which resulted in the birth of the Canadian flag was John Ross Matheson, the Member of Parliament for Leeds County at the time.
With the impetus of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Canadian flag approaching in 2015, a group of local citizens have created a project ‘ 50 Years of Our Flag” to raise awareness, commemorate and celebrate this significant milestone in Canadian history and link it forever in the hearts and minds of Canadians with the City of Brockville.

·         Raise awareness of the history and significance of the birth of a Canadian flag
·         Commemorate the individuals who were instrumental in its inception
·         Create legacy projects that will forever link the flag with the City of Brockville
·         Inspire a new generation to take pride in the symbols of Canada

Commemoration Plans:
  • ·         Website
  • ·         John Ross Matheson Way
  • ·         Brockville as the Birthplace of the Canadian Flag
  • ·         Install a 160 foot flagpole, 35x70 foot Canadian Flag and a commemorative plaque at the SmartCentre
  • ·         Original art depicting the beauty and iconic landscapes of Canada with the Canadian flag and the names of the contributors. Produce prints and educational materials to distribute to Canadian schools
  • ·         Fly More Flags both in Brockville and across Canada with support from Home Hardware
  • ·         Corporate Sponsorship of the Commemoration Plans
  • ·         Commemorative Stamp
  • ·         Create a large commemorative event for February 15,2014 and another for  2015 in Brockville

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