Monday, December 9, 2013

Foot Operated USB Canon Shutter Release

I thought I had it done! Read the Owner's Manual (Something a real guy never does). Bought a simple single pole, single throw switch. Did everything right. Even tested it on the Canon Powershot Pro1 before I soldered all of the connections. The camera clicked when I threw the switch so I thought we were 'good to go'. Wright? Duffice?...  My Canon is apparently one of the few that does not accept the USB, enhanced CHDK software - see". A foot operated shutter release would allow me to stay in the painting zone and keep my palette and brushes in my hands. I even built the switch out of recycled, weather proof plastic. It even looks good - at least to me. I just need to find a new, old Canon camera. This is just a little hurdle and I will still get this fun little project to work.

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