Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jim Day Reflections

It was a mild day and I had some time to paint after my chores were done. The lone female merganser was still diving around to keep me company. Something quite large startled me with a big splash at the ice's edge. I probably startled it even more. It might have been either the otter or beaver that I had watched earlier in the morning. The blue birds were still hanging around.
I was interested in the gray colours of the sky, distant trees and snow. The warm shades of the exposed marble at the water's edge were the only hints of warmth in this view of my swimming hole. No swimming for me until at least next May! A chilly east breeze developed ahead of an approaching system. My hands got really cold and that hastened my painting along.
Painting Place the end of Long Reach at N44.52226 W76.10405 looking northwesterly across Jim Day Rapids into the frozen eastern bay of Singleton Lake.

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Robert P. Hedden said...

Phil, If I do chores first I am too tired to paint. Bob Hedden