Friday, March 6, 2015

1532 Wolfe Howl

We were at the Wolfe Howl Ice Fishing Tournament. A cold front was on the way and was heralded by a frontal squall line - namely, the clouds in the painting. White-out conditions accompany such frontal squall lines. Blowing and drifting snow was thick enough that we could not see the hood of my Brother's big red Toyota Tundra. Such squall lines do not last much more than 15 minutes. The snow banks in the painting are from plows on the front of trucks that cleared temporary ice roads to the various fishing huts - including that of my Brother. We still managed to get temporarily stuck as the snow was two to three feet deep with higher drifts.
The "bite" was on but I still headed out to absorb the weather. The fish are only active for a couple of hours after dawn and another short period before sunset. The fisherman has to be ready for the fleeting moments of "the bite" which is something less active than a "feeding frenzy".
 If you look carefully, I think you can see the wolf howling in the clouds!

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