Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1541 Spring Paradise

Spring seems like more of "a theory" this year. Climate change with the weakening of the jet stream has placed eastern Canada right in the middle of a cold, snowy trough - the downstream reflection of the warm and dry ridge over the west coast. Over time this weather will become our climate so get used to it. We still forecast spring to happen but it will take some time as the cold trough lingers. It could be worse - we could be on the downstream side of the trough like the Maritimes and be pummeled by storm after storm. These lows have access to all of the heat and moisture from the Gulf Stream and the cold of the Arctic vortex so they are real heat engines.
So this studio painting is more like a dream of the spring to come. This is a spring time view of Point Paradise looking northwestward from Margaritaville (my canoe). There was a light wind from the west in the wake of a rather weak cold front. The low based deck of stratocumulus clouds were revealing the wind direction. I liked the way that the sky peeked through the rather thin boughs of the red cedars. The colours of the new vegetation were striking as well. This is a beautiful piece of land - peaceful. This would have been a favourite camp site for generations of travelers. The swimming is great as well.

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