Monday, March 16, 2015

1538 A Longer Reach

This is the grown up version of #1533 "Long Reaching Deformation Zone". The small panel begged for a larger rendition because of the design and the meteorology. I hope that bigger is better in this case. I have painted enough clues into the cloud detail within the warm conveyor belt (WCB) that it should now be clear where the col of the deformation zone skin must be located. Do the winds within the WCB veer or back with height? The winds veer more or less consistently with height... so the col is further to the west in the distance. The upper winds relative to the storm are out of the painting. This is actually good science and can reveal a lot about the location and strength of the approaching storm. There are several steps to reveal how the meteorology and weather can be deduced... but the simple solution is that it is not snowing in the painting!

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