Tuesday, March 22, 2016

945 Looking Down River

This River Rat view is from 11:15 am Monday February 4th, 2008. I took some time to paint.
I set up on the ice just off Mallorytown Landing. A couple of snowmobiles didn’t go through so I felt more than safe. This is looking northeastward down the river toward Bridge Island. The sun sparkled off the snow on the island and the red channel markers in the distance.

Bands of cirrus behind the upper level deformation zone, pushed northeastward while I painted. The cirrus thickened up and occasionally blocked the sun which in turn cooled me considerably. By the time I was done, the northeasterly inflow to the approaching low had set up and it was feeling cooler with the wind chill although the temperature was still plus 2 Celsius.

I liked the cool colours of the American shore that contrasted with the warm shades of the trees along the Thousand Island’s Parkway.

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