Thursday, March 10, 2016

Emily Carr Currency?

Emily Carr (1871-1945) was perhaps the most original artist to define Canadian art. After World War One, our society was still very tied to the old country. Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven wished to express a distinctly different Canadian art form. Beginning in 1927 Emily Carr was right there in the thick of things with them. Eventually they succeeded and we live with their legacy.
Emily was a spirited individual who faced a challenging and potentially overwhelming host of obstacles. Eventually with the assistance of patrons and other artists like Lawren Harris, Emily found artistic success at the age of 57. Her life story is a very interesting read.
Net worth should not be measured by dollars but by the personal currency of character and integrity. Emily probably could never afford any of the new 2018 bank notes but it is only fitting that she be honoured with her image and art on that bill. Please take the time to vote...


Sally Chupick said...

Emily's a great choice. I followed your link and voted for another of my fav Canadian woman painters...Pegi Nicol MacLeod. yay...women artists 4-eva! ha ha ha

Phil Chadwick said...

Perfect Sally... you did exactly as I had hoped. I was not aware of Pegi Nicol MacLeod! Shame on me. She was a terrific artist and deserves recognition. Sadly she died way too young. Spring is here!