Thursday, July 26, 2018

CPAWS Press Release for DRAW 2018

The DRAW 2017 artists retreat was everything I’d hoped it would be - adventure and camaraderie among artists in the wilderness, the inspiring influence that immersion in nature always has on my work, and the excitement of seeing it in the work of the others. All this, followed by the pleasure of having our art exhibited together, and auctioned at the gala in October, a successful fundraiser for CPAWS-OV’s campaign to protect the precious Dumoine watershed.
Aleta Karstad
Bishops Mills, Ontario

Sharing the Dumoine experience with a group of like minded artists is an experience you will not forget. The Dumoine puts the "wild" into the plein air painting of wilderness. You have to be there to really experience the beauty of Canada - with nothing between you and nature as it should be - immersed in the moment.
Phil Chadwick ... Here is what I painted in DRAW 2017

CPAWS Press Release has much more information.
 CPAWS Press Release

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