Friday, July 13, 2018

Miskwaa Studio and Outdoor Art Gallery

The Art World continues to change in a good way... plan to visit the Miskwaa Studio and Outdoor Art Gallery between Bobcaygeon and Buckhorn off Highway 36. It is worth any drive.

Yes... I have some art there as well.

Just because a work of art has not sold only mean that the right eyes have not seen it yet. It is not enough to hang art on the wall and wait. Social media and the positive power of communication through the internet has changed everything. But that takes dedication and creativity which is an art form in itself. I always thought that art needs to be displayed in the environment it was created to really be able to understand and appreciate all of the nuances. This is rarely possible but Daniel Marlatt has succeeded... enjoy!

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Unknown said...

Thank you Philip for the post on your blog , it is very much appreciated